February 2021  |  Audit & analysis of 70+ digital events


One of the most thrilling aspects of working in event strategy is movement. This industry cannot be stagnant for a simple reason — people and situations are constantly evolving. That’s always been true, but the changes brought forth by COVID-19 magnified it to a never-before-seen level.

Yes, the profound and swift shift made by event strategists allowed corporate events to continue without in-person interaction; but it also drastically changed the future of event strategy and ushered in an entirely new approach to the profession. Despite all of the challenges we faced in 2020, that transformation is something I am forever grateful to be a part of.

Everyone in the industry should be proud of this truth: the changes we’ve made are here to stay. The adoption of digital events — and our collective ability to quickly evolve our strategies — has been so successful that they will certainly continue to play a role in the future of event strategy, even with the return of in-person events near.

As we approach the return to in-person events, the next step is understanding how to optimize digital efforts to reduce the onset of digital fatigue and create meaningful engagement with an audience that desperately craves personal interaction. In this fourth iteration of our Digital Event Forecast, we round out our year of data, analyze what those observations mean for you as an event strategist, and look ahead at how the future of event strategy is already evolving.

What's in The Digital Event Forecast?
  • An analysis of 72 events hosted by enterprise-scale technology providers serving a global audience
  • Detailed case studies and analysis of five prominent digital events
  • Recommendations from our experts on building an engaging, strategic digital experience
  • Our expectations of what’s to come

Looking into the new age of event strategy, we commend our colleagues for the outstanding advancements made under such tumultuous conditions. We’re thrilled to watch those efforts unfold in 2021 and beyond.

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Erica Spoor
Chief Event Strategist
Impact Point Group

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