September 2020 | Audit & analysis of 60+ digital events


For the last six months, our team of event and engagement experts have been auditing and examining 63 digital events that have been forced to get creative in response to the pandemic.

In this third, updated version of the Impact Point Group Digital Event Forecast, we summarize our observations and evolving recommendations.DEF3 Download Thumbnail_2

These reflections represent the industry changes, pivots and digital events we’ve observed as of September 16, 2020, as well as our analysis of their success, influence and opportunities for growth and future impact. 

With each iteration of this report, we’re tracking a collective shift, watching event strategists become savvier in this new, remote world. We’re committed to updating this information on an ongoing basis and will add it to our library of resources, as we discover new information, ideas, platforms, challenges and solutions.

What's in The Digital Event Forecast?
  • A deep-dive audit of 63 events hosted by enterprise-scale technology providers
  • Industry leader insights from Google, Cisco, RainFocus and others
  • Comprehensive data on events that have canceled, postponed or pivoted to digital
  • Event design trends including registration fees, duration and engagement techniques 
  • Detailed case studies and analysis of five prominent digital events
  • Recommendations from our experts on building an engaging, strategic digital experience
  • Our expectations of what’s to come

As ever, we’re keeping our eye on the long-term, strategic impacts that so many in our industry must begin to navigate right now. And we remain inspired by teams and companies who, while negotiating crises, are also working to broaden the scope of what’s possible. 

If our team can provide you with additional support and insights, please reach out. 

Erica Spoor
Chief Event Strategist
Impact Point Group

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