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Quarterly Event Insights

An audit of 11 events since October 2021 with expert recommendations and detailed insights.

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April 2022  |  Audit, Analysis and Recommendations

For the past two years, the events industry has faced incredible uncertainty. However, event professionals didn’t give up. We proved our resilience, and fulfilled our human desire to be together and to take part in something bigger than ourselves. 

Even as unpredictability could still be around the corner, we have continued to compile our quarterly insights on trends in the events industry.

Back in early 2020, we began publishing our quarterly Digital Event Forecasts, which were packed full of analysis and recommendations from over 83 digital events. With glimpses on the horizon for the return to in person, we felt it was time for a new and fresh take on what the future holds for events in this new world we live in.

In our new and inaugural Quarterly Event Insights for 2022, we continue the tradition of our analysis and recommendations, but now condensed to cover new insights on:

  • An overall analysis of 11 events hosted by enterprise-scale technology providers serving a global audience. All digital and one hybrid.
  • Detailed analysis of 4 prominent digital events
  • Recommendations from our experts on building an engaging, strategic digital, in-person, and hybrid experience
  • Our expectations of what's to come

So, what does this mean for event strategists? We get to shape the long-term future of events by testing and amplifying our integrated strategies throughout the upcoming months.

Download your copy and let us know what you think. 


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