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Quarterly Event Insights

September 2022 
(Events held April - June 2022)
The Reimagining of Events


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September 2022  |  Audit, Analysis and Recommendations

The next generation of in-person events has arrived, influenced by the lessons learned from the past two-plus years of hosting data-rich, inclusive, effective digital events.

Over the last few months, we've seen event organizers change how they structure event format, length, attendance, venue usage, and more. Creating immersive experiences blending the most dynamic elements of virtual and in-person.

Despite some of the major challenges the industry has endured, the future looks optimistic. In this newest edition of our Quarterly Event Insights, we cover:

  • An analysis of 5 events, adding to our 100+ events since March 2020, some hosted by enterprise-scale technology providers serving a global audience. All digital and three hybrid.
  • Detailed analysis of prominent digital events
  • Recommendations from our experts on building an engaging, strategic in-person and digital experience
  • Our expectations of what's to come

As in-person events return, event organizers must design with purpose, broaden their approach to community-building, and evolve their presentation and engagement practices. By seeking to satisfy attendees’ needs and desires, you can take all of your events to the next level.

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